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6 Most Common Fundraising Pitfalls
Non-profits Need to Avoid . . .

Don't be seduced by something that may look great at the outset, but will haunt you in the long term. While it is true every company may be prone to the pitfalls you are about to read, non-profit organizations must be especially vigilant.
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Direct Mail Response Rates at Highest Point in Over a Decade

A recently released DMA report shows that direct mail continues to be an extremely effective channel for response rates and ROI. In contrast, email sent to prospect lists had the lowest reported response. Despite these statistics, many have abandoned their direct mail campaigns, in favor of “free” digital prospecting . . .

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Choices Every Fundraiser Faces

Turning a Donor Into a Stranger

The following letter from a (once) faithful donor tells the sad tale of a relationship being established, retained, and ultimately abandoned. In short, the donor had become a stranger to their former beloved charity. The saddest part if this tale? The break up could easily have avoided, had the organization taken simple steps to treat their donor like a person, and not a penny bank.

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Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail Key to Trump Fundraising Efforts

The power of direct mail was certainly not overlooked in the political fundraising arena. President Trump’s joint fundraising effort spent a considerable amount on direct mail marketing . . . with obvious return!

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Donor Fatigue?

Using Direct Mail to Win at Engagement Marketing

When used to its fullest potential, direct mail is more targeted, more personalized, more relevant, and most importantly, more efficient than any of its digital counterparts. This is not to say that it is a solitary component…it also integrates well within a omnichannel campaign. So why aren’t more marketers using it?

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