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Growing Your OrganizationIn this issue, just like every issue of Changing Your World, we provide you with information across a broad range of marketing techniques, strategies and ideas. We hope you find the articles both informative and helpful to your marketing strategy.

6 Reasons You Should Consider
Making Your List Available

If you thought it was just about generating lots of revenue for your organization, think again. While it’s true it could generate extra cash, there are other reasons to put your mailing list on the market. And with no downside to making your list available, you could be missing out if you don’t jump at this opportunity!
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Direct Mail in the Digital Era

Not too long ago, more than a few predicted the demise of direct mail in the face of a new digital era. Today, direct mail not only remains relevant, but may also be the best method to cut through the massive amount of online marketing clutter and engage your target audience!

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Choices Every Fundraiser Faces

Direct Mail Marketing to Millennials – 5 Tips

True or False: Millennials are digital natives, and would most likely respond to marketing through digital channels. If you answered “true”, recent studies may surprise you…millennials (like everyone else) enjoy getting mail! And using direct mail to reach them is not as hard as some make it out to be…

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Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

The 7 Purposes of Direct Mail

While it’s clear that direct mail has not been replaced, sometimes its role can become muddled. When used correctly, direct mail is an extremely effective tool for marketing or acquisition…but understanding its purpose is essential, before pulling the trigger on your next campaign.

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Donor Fatigue?

3 Ways To Ruin Your Database (Before Entering Any Data)

Your donor database can be like a well-oiled machine. Treat it right and it will provide your organization with clean, reliable data. Neglect it, and it can become a cesspool of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Here are three ways to ruin your database before even entering a single bit of data…

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