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Growing Your OrganizationIn this issue, just like every issue of Changing Your World, we provide you with information across a broad range of marketing techniques, strategies and ideas. We hope you find the articles both informative and helpful to your marketing strategy.

Direct Mail Hiatus Cost ACS $30 Million

American Cancer Society spent nearly $40 per donor in 2013 utilizing direct mail to acquire 252,000 new contributors, before they decided to quit using direct mail for new donor acquisition. But direct mail is responsible for 80% or the organization’s nearly $1 billion budget. What’s more, they learned they get a 700 percent return on investment from those new donors within three years. Needless to say, ACS is back in the mail. . .
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3 E's of Copywriting

Make Testimonials Count! (Video)

Using testimonials in your direct mail is a great way to establish believability, and credibility with your readers, in addition to boosting your response rates. Simply adding testimonials however, does not guarantee success - they must also be relevant to your piece! Here is a comparison of two packages…both similar in structure, but only one utilizing its testimonials to their full potential!

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Choices Every Fundraiser Faces

5 Critical Mistakes Email Marketers Make

Email can be an excellent tool to cultivate relationships and communicate with your donors and customers. However, improperly implementing this tool can not only make your email ineffective, but may also cause more harm then good. Here are 5 mistakes even veteran email marketers may make...

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Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

No Vision, No Gift

When you give from your personal resources, you give towards something you care about. Something significant. Something that will make a difference. Why would your donors be any different? When approaching a high dollar donor for a major ask , consider this story of rejection, reflection, and a re-ask with a successful 1.5 million gift!

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Donor Fatigue?

3 Nonprofit Success Metrics That Your Organization Needs to Be Tracking

The fundraising industry can be downright unpredictable. Being able to analyze your organization's overall performance is key to seeing areas of sucess, and stopping issues before they develop. Here are three evaluation practices your organization should be implementing.

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