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In this issue, just like every issue of Changing Your World, we provide you with information across a broad range of marketing techniques, strategies and ideas. We hope you find the articles both informative and helpful to your marketing strategy.

Why is Direct Mail Seeing a Resurgence?

Although many predicted the demise of direct mail (to be superseded by more “conventional” digital marketing channels), the exact opposite is taking place. Read on to discover the reason behind direct mail’s resurgence, and why it should not be ignored in your marketing campaign…
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8 Seconds to Pounce Using the 3 E's of Copywriting

The average attention span of today’s readers is about 8 seconds (about the time it takes to read this summary). You have those fleeting movements to capture your reader’s attention and convince them to give you more of their precious time. Here are three E’s of copywriting to help you write smarter (and not necessarily shorter) copy!

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Choices Every Fundraiser Faces

Choosing where to invest time and resources is a daunting challenge faced by any organization. And with a seemingly infinite amount of fundraising options available, choosing the right investment can seem like navigating a minefield. Not to fret! Here are five principles to help you make better decisions in your fundraising…

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Campaign

While direct mail is still considered to be one of the most effective marketing channels, mastering it continues to be a challenge for marketers and fundraisers alike. For your edification, here are three ways to optimize your direct mail campaigns…

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Donor Fatigue?

Is there really such a thing as donor fatigue? A biblical outlook says that God holds divine ownership, and we as Christians are to be faithful stewards of His resources. Many times however, we limit the abundance of God when we think there is simply not enough to go around. Are you missing out on blessings from God for fear of wearing out His generosity through your donors?

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