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It is great pleasure that we announce in this newsletter the new Response Unlimited website! After a long re-design, we are hoping it is easier to navigate and simpler for you to use. Please take some time to interact on the site and see all the services we now have available to help you Grow Your Organization.

In this issue, just like every issue of Growing Your Organization, we provide you with information across a broad range of marketing techniques, strategies and ideas. We hope you find the articles both informative and helpful to your marketing strategy.

If you are interested in a particular topic, or simply have a question, comment or concern, please contact us today using our online form or call us at (540) 943-6721 and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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Recent Articles

12 Little Tests in 2012 to Lift Your Mail Response FAST
Looking for ways to boost your mail response quickly and cheaply? Look no further! Here are 12 easy, inexpensive ideas to improve your mailings fast! Read More

Dealing With the Dreaded 'A' Word
Loss of interest, a hit financially, giving to other organizations, no matter how unique your organization may be, every non-profit must deal with donor attrition at some point. And while it may seem like a constant battle, don't give up! Read on for helpful tips and advice for the concerned fundraiser. Read More

Fundraising Success Depends on A, B, C
As fundraisers look to a new beginning for the upcoming year, it important to remember that prioritizing efforts is key for fundraising success in 2012. The smart fundraiser will be sure not to ignore A, B, C: alignment, balance and clarity when planning for the new year. Read More

Bridging the Creative Gap: Direct Mail and Electronic Fundraising
While some may be quick to label direct mail as "old school" or outdated, new electronic marketers should take heed and study these "old school" tactics carefully. After all, time-tested success does not come without good reason! Read More

The Ins and Outs of Monthly Giving Programs
Does your organization have a monthly giving program to offer your donors? If you answered "No", it may be time to set one up…and soon. Experts agree that monthly donors may not only help your cash flow, but also become your most intimate and loyal supporters in the years to come. Read More

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