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Everything you need to succeed in your direct mail or email program can be yours by contacting Response Unlimited – and at a lower cost!  Because Response Unlimited is responsible for as much as 50 million pieces of mail reaching eager donors and consumers every year, you’re able to take advantage of tremendous volume savings when it comes to pricing, discounts and other costs.  And, if you choose to utilize Response Unlimited for your creative needs, you’ll tap into response rates most companies only dream of – all at a fraction of what other agencies charge!  So be sure to contact Response Unlimited for any of the following services:

  • Finding the right list to use (List Brokerage)  – no other company knows the Christian, conservative and humanitarian list world like Response Unlimited.  The best direct mail package, email, or tele-marketing script in the world is worthless unless sent to the right list.  So tap into decades of experience of knowing what lists work for your specific offers – whether it be for direct mail, email marketing or tele-marketing.  Even if you target other markets, Response Unlimited can help you match your offer to the right list!  Contact Response Unlimited today for a free recommendation, or visit Response Unlimited’s online list catalog.
  • Maximizing your list rental income (List Management)  – maximize list rental revenue for your company by making your list of donors, subscribers, customers or leads available to other companies seeking to target a similar market.  Even if your list is not actively donating or purchasing, it may be valuable to another organization.  And you can choose to approve each and every offer, so you’ve nothing to lose when it comes to this wonderful income-producing opportunity that can net $1 or more to your organization each year per name, depending on the type of name and address!  Study after study shows...  Read More »
  • Copywriting that gets better response rates – Don’t waste money with mediocre copy that merely talks about your  company or organization.  Effective copy stresses the benefits of your unique selling or donation proposition for the reader, draws them into the letter with irresistible headlines, teasers, and overall copy that’s difficult to put down, to the point where the reader has no alternative but to respond.  On average, Response Unlimited’s copy generates a return on investment of...  Read More »
  • Graphic Design – Effective graphics enhances the copy, rather than distracts.  If your design keeps the reader from reading the copy, you’ll never accomplish your purpose.  Response Unlimited’s graphic designers know which techniques to use to cause effective eye flow that leads to a response.  This includes design for direct mail, email marketing, logo development, marketing brochures, space advertising, and catalogs.   Visit our Graphic Design page for more information, or contact Response Unlimited today!
  • Production Services – Because of the millions and millions of pieces of high-quality mail Response Unlimited prints and sends out each year, considerable volume savings are achieved which are passed on to you, the customer.  So don’t send out  direct mail of any kind without first contacting Response Unlimited for a bid.  And find out how much you can save your company.  Often people are amazed when Response Unlimited saves them as much as half or two-thirds of what they’re spending elsewhere!  It’s no wonder even other direct marketing advertising agencies rely on Response Unlimited for their clients’ production and lettershop needs.  Visit our Production page to learn more or contact Response Unlimited today!
  • List Hygiene/Database services  –You can save a lot of money by cleaning up your mailing list and by not mailing duplicate records!  Response Unlimited provides merge/purge/suppression services, 18 and 48-Month NCOA (National Change of Address system), deceased suppression, phone appending, opt-in email or demographic/wealth appends and much more – all at highly competitive rates – whether or not your list is managed by Response Unlimited.   The cleaner your list and the more information you gather on the folks on your list, the more you’ll benefit and the more...  Read More »
  • Donor Engage Email Platform – In this digital age, maintaining and growing your relationship with your donors and supporters is critical.  Studies have shown that the more effectively you can communicate with your donors, the more you can count on them to support your organization both actively and financially.  Email is a great way to do that, and although less effective than direct mail, it is less costly on the front end.  However it can be very difficult and unwieldy to manage.  But the unique Donor Engage Email Platform has been developed to enable you to simply create a methodical way to efficiently talk with and cultivate those people who...  Read More »
  • Cause-Mail Online Post Card Campaigns – This terrific new tool is designed to effectively and efficiently affect change in our nation and generate extra funding for your organization by combining the instant response of an online campaign with the impossible-to-ignore impact of being inundated with postal mail.  With this unique and proprietary service, you can flood lawmakers, corporate executives or others you may want to impact with postcards from hundreds of thousands of constituents.  The sender pays the cost to print and mail the postcard on demand, and your organization receives a percentage of that cost for your program services!  A great way to effect change and raise needed extra funds!  Contact Response Unlimited today for more info!