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Direct Mail
$5/MDollar Amount
$10/MPres of Child
Updates monthly.


TOTAL Donors 802,513 $90/M
6 Month Donors 398,832 +$5/M
3 Month Donors 213,840 +$5/M
Monthly Donors 59,000 +$5/M
These direct mail patriotic donors are interested in contributing to the specific causes that are of importance to them. They've indicated via direct mail that they're interested in and financially ready to donate to veteran-related fundraising issues.

These self-admitted donors will be responsive to all veteran-related fundraising offers and are waiting for your direct mail piece so they can make a contribution to your cause. These proud donors are perfect prospects for patriotic fundraisers, democratic and republican political causes, gun support, humanitarian and children's welfare, health fundraisers, as well as patriotic-related catalogs and products.

A sample mail piece is required for approval.

Payment is due 30 days from the mail date.

Cancellations after merge or first mail date are due in full. Payment terms apply to first mail date in range.

Net name arrangements are negotiable based on volume.
Partial Usage
Mailer T/C/R
Association of Mature American Citizens  
Blind Visually Impaired Consortium  
Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch  
Emergency Foodshelf Network  
Food Banks  
Help Hospitalized Veterans  
Missions Outreach  
National Rifle Association/NRA  
NCI Cancer Centers  
Operation Smile  
Reader's Digest  
Republican National Committee  
USA Cares  
Wounded Warrior Project